Policies & Documents

Policies & Documents relating to the Toowoomba Rubgy League


The Toowoomba Rugby League Constitution covers subjects such as membership, meetings, voting rights, board of directors & elections, financial statements, liabilities & more.

Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Our strategic plan focuses on a SWOT analysis, reviewing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the sport and the TRL competition. The plan then identifies 4 major objectives of the TRL and what actions or operational objectives must be achieved to attain these goals. This strategic document is then supported by a 2-year rolling plan that serves as a tool to achieve the Toowoomba Rugby League goals over this period.

Financial Literacy for NFP Directors

A key role for a director is to ensure the financial viability of the NFP organisation so that it can achieve its outcomes. Many NFPs may have a treasurer but this does not change the responsibility all directors have to make sure that the organisation makes effective use of its (often limited) resources and also make sure that it continues to remain solvent.

QRL Heat Guidelines

The guidelines are designed to protect players and officials from injury and illness that may result by playing Rugby League in extreme weather conditions.

Documents created by the QRL can be found by going to https://www.qrl.com.au/about/documents-and-policies/